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Alexandria, VA 4 Day Clinic    
Birmingham, AL 4 Day Clinic    
Orlando, FL 4 Day Clinic    


Dick Ritger Bowling Camps Overview

Kelly Kulick, camp graduate and lead instructor with the Dick Ritger Bowling Camps

Kelly Kulick is a camp graduate and lead instructor with the Dick Ritger Bowling Camps

For over thirty years the Dick Ritger Bowling Camps have provided thousands of students with professional bowling instruction that has resulted in dramatic improvement of their performance. Among our graduates we celebrate Kelly Kulick, Patrick Allen, and many others who have reached the top of college, youth and Professional rankings.

The Ritger Method incorporates exclusive methods of teaching, with a bowler’s physical game improved by working within the comfort of their ‘style’. We teach a progression of bowling fundamentals that insure success.

Bowling camp highlights that will be covered in depth inlcude:

  • Physical aspects including release, balance and timing
  • Reading Lanes
  • Strike pocket adjustments
  • Spare shooting

The result is that you will consistently make shots, adjust to lanes more quickly and convert a higher percentage of your spares; overall becoming a more knowledgeable and efficient bowler.

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