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We love to hear how our students are doing after they attend our bowling program.  Please take the time to tell us your success stories. Many of our graduates have gone on to have great success.  Among those students we celebrate Kelly Kulick, Patrick Allen, and many others who have reached the top of college, youth and Professional rankings. Please take the time to tell us your success stories to  info@ritgerbowlingcamp.com

Our Success Stories

On February 15, 2011.. Victor Branciforti, a senior of Yorktown High School, Yorktown Heights, NY, bowled, his first ever, 300 game during the Section 1 Championships to qualify for the State Championships held in Syracuse this past weekend. Victor attributed his success of bowling a 300 to attending two consecutive years of camp at the Dick Ritger Bowling Camps. He is looking forward for his threepeat appearance at camp this year with the great friends he has made over the past two years. Thank you for helping Victor accomplish his life's wish of a 300, now he's looking forward to that 800 series with your help.

- Theresa Branciforti - Yorktown Heights, NY March 2011

Our daughter attended the Ritger Bowling Camp in Fishkill, NY in July 2012 at the encouragement of a bowling coach who previously attended.   The camp experience has reaped its benefits. Jessica participated in the South Jersey Singles Classic at Ocean Lanes in Lakewood, NJ on Saturday Dec 8th, 2012. This scratch tournament brought together the best high school bowlers from 31 towns in central and southern NJ. After ranking 10th in the girls’ preliminaries, Jessica went on to bowl three more 200+games getting her through the elimination rounds and into the finals. She proudly took 2nd place in the tournament after falling to the Manchester Twp winner in the final game by only 29 pins. Jessica bowled a 171-225-167 for a 563 series in the qualifying round. Then went on to bowl 204-223-216 in the next three 1-game elimination rounds.


- Sam B. - Pennsylvania

Jeffrey Chin wrote, "Just wanted to let you know that I won my first tournament victory, Singles in the South Jersey Senior Championship. I shot 220, 276, 221 – 717 scratch, 834 with handicap. Thanks to all of the instructors that worked with me last summer."

- Jeffrey C. from Edison, NJ

I wanted to call to inform you five of our girls have gone to the State Tournament.  They are all very excited and proud of their accomplishments. They know their success is due to the Ritger Bowling Camps.  The girls first came to Canandaigua, NY in 2010, and returned to the "repeat" program in 2011 in Newburgh/Fishkill, NY.   They are heading to Junior Gold In Indianapolis in July!. We want to thank  the enitre staff for all of their help and support.

- Jim K. Howell, NJ 2012 Bowling Father of the Howell Girls's Team; February 2012

I attended your June 2012 Dick Ritger in Rockford, Illinois.
I had a great time, the coaches were all very nice (and patient).
But most importantly, my scores have EXPLODED since returning home.
I finished the 2011-12 winter season with a 205 average. I will finish the season somewhere around a 218 average.

Didn't bowl a 700 series all year.
This season has been phenomenal. 13 700 series, a 297 and a 300 game!
It doesn't matter what your average is, or how good you THINK you are, there's always something to be learned and improved upon.

Thank you so much to my camp coaches, they were all wonderful.
I look forward to attending the repeat class in the future.


- Keith Thomas - Rockford, IL Program 2012